RFID Multi-Applications Without Compromise

NXP. The world’s #1 Global Identification leader in RFID & NFC integrated circuits (ICs), with extensive experience and history, providing billion’s of ICs since 1988.




Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a highly automated identification technology, enables on-the-fly asset identification, brand protection, supply chain efficiency, and much more.

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With the UCODE, NFC, ICODE and HITAG IC product lines, NXP offerings cover all relevant RFID frequency bands and meet most important ISO and GS1 EPCglobal standards.

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RFID Ecosystem

NXP delivers leading edge RFID technology to major label converters, tag and reader manufacturers, solutions providers and system integrators around the world.

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NXP offers global support, a variety of technical training opportunities, and our Customer Application Support – a team of experts who provide premium support to key customers.

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