Authenticated Redirection Applications


Water Filters

These filters are a part of a variety of appliances including refrigerators, under sink units, high end coffee makers, and more. Water filters may be necessary to filter out life-threatening contaminants, or just serve to improve taste. Depending on usage, consumers replace water filters just once or twice a year, or as frequently as once a month.  Authenticated Redirection allows the consumer to reorder with a simple tap of the phone to the unit, no research necessary.


HVAC Filters

Home heating and air conditioning filters usually hide behind grates, or inhabit somewhat inaccessible places where consumers forget about their existence. Yet, manufacturers recommend replacing these items at least once a year, both for proper operation of the unit, and for consumer health reasons. Authenticated Redirection allows the consumer to open the grate, tap the filter, and reorder—no looking for labels, researching on the Internet, or other effort required.


Vacuum bags and filters

Vacuum cleaners often have both bags and filters—with different replacement schedules. Model requirements vary, and consumers may wish for specific features, such as HEPA or cloth bags. Authenticated Redirection helps remind and present consumers with all options for their models, including upgraded or compatible special application parts.


Toothbrush heads

Electric toothbrushes require frequent head replacement. Consumers may use their brushes far longer than recommended, simply because they forget, or don’t know exactly which head to purchase. Authenticated Redirection offers manufacturers not only an opportunity to obtain revenue from more frequent standard replacement, but also a chance to offer new and improved models to existing costumers, perhaps with incentives.


Washable tags included in clothing provide the consumer with an easy means to reorder beloved items, or find similar replacements as offered by the original apparel manufacturer without distractions from competitors.