OEM Benefits from Authenticated Redirection

The Authenticated Redirection replenishment solution helps expand an OEM’s market share of consumables, increasing revenue, while providing a variety of new promotional opportunities.

Any OEM with a product using a consumable, such as appliance filters, ink cartridges, toothbrush heads, and more, can benefit from this effortless replenishment method.

Benefits to the OEM

  • Automatic expiration notification: Counter on consumable tracks usage and provides opportunity to alert consumer for timely replacements.
  • Product Authentication: Data sent to cloud helps identify authentic products and curbs counterfeit liability costs without requiring encryption for products where its use would be cost-prohibitive.
  • Lead Generation: Sales leads sent to affiliates that guarantee authentic replacement parts offset tag costs, generate affiliate commission revenue, and reduce advertising costs. OEMs can control choice of affiliates and the percentage of leads they receive dynamically via the cloud, or they can choose to fill the order themselves for additional margin.
  • Real-time Analytics: Use of a cloud service provider to track leads and actions provides real-time results.
  • Reduced Advertising Costs: Instant sale at time of need, while generated leads organically improve search engine results without paying for that privilege.
  • Increased Revenue: Expanded market share of genuine replacement parts increases revenue while offsetting tag cost.
  • Promotion vehicle: Method supports delivery of incentives and upgrade opportunities to proven customers.