Other Applications

The capability to uniquely identify items via RFID, and both read and write to RFID tags has almost unlimited application. And with the wide array of products from LF, HF, UHF and NFC ICs to security and more, our global presence, and design through fabrication capability, NXP can help deliver an outstanding RFID solution for your application, whether in progress now, or yet to be imagined.


In our connected world, secure electronic identity solutions are a key building block. They facilitate public security, smart governance and efficient services, and provide value and convenience to its citizens. NXP is uniquely positioned to provide trusted, contactless performance for eGovernment applications. With our longstanding experience, complete solutions and leadership in security technology, we are the partner of choice for governments worldwide.

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Reader ICs

With a broad portfolio ranging from high-power RF reader ICs to NFC-enabled solutions, NXP offers products suitable for physical access systems, POS terminals, PC solutions, eGovernment applications, public transport schemes, Pay TV solutions, eMetering, gaming, industrial and White Goods applications. And NXP continues to lead the expansion from traditional smart card applications to a wide infrastructure based on NFC-enabled devices.

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