Electronic Registration and Authorization

NXP introduces an easy registration and authorization enforcement method for electronic-controlled equipment— a process that requires little human interaction, uses low cost electronic parts, and benefits regulatory bodies, businesses and consumers.

Electronic Drone Registration

The FAA now requires drone owners to register any device weighing more than 0.55 lbs. (250 g). For drones currently in the field, enforcing this new law might be problematic, as it relies on the honor system to some extent. But for new devices, NXP offers an easy enforcement method.

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Drone Package Delivery Confirmation Electronic Signatures

For companies working on package drone delivery solutions, NXP technology provides a way to confirm that drones are operating within authorized airspace corridors, and then to secure an electronic signature before the drone sets down on the ground.

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Other Applications

The NXP registration and authorization enforcement method extends beyond just drones. Many products with electronic control could benefit from a similar setup.

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