Drone Delivery Confirmation

For companies working on package drone delivery solutions, NXP technology provides a way to confirm that drones are operating within authorized airspace corridors, and then to secure an electronic signature before the drone sets down on the ground.

How it Works

The NXP electronic signature solution uses NXP Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to obtain a valid signature for delivery:

  • The consumer would receive an electronic package notification via BLE to their mobile device.
  • The drone hovers over the delivery zone until it obtains the electronic signature.
  • After receiving the signature, the drone releases the package and returns to the point of origin, or it could travel to a nearby location for a package return.


Electronic identification and registration traveling with the drone is beneficial on multiple fronts:

  • For consumers, drone delivery equals rapid, as well as reduced cost, delivery. But, both businesses and consumers need a means to verify parcel receipt. NXP’s electronic signature solution is efficient and non-invasive.
  • For businesses, wireless signature confirmation ensures a level of protection of a valuable piece of commercial equipment (the drone), and reduces potential liability for loss due to theft or inaccurate parcel delivery.
  • For regulatory bodies, the electronic identification traveling with the drone helps ensure compliance with flight corridor restrictions, especially if those corridors require dynamic mapping.