Nordic Usability launches NFC RFID JiffyTags based on NXP’s NTAG203 designed for Time-Tracking

Nordic Usability has announced that its Android App Jiffy now works with Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID-enabled JiffyTags.

Operating much like a stopwatch, Jiffy is a time-tracking application designed for tracking and accurately reporting work or project time, Nordic Usability explains. The app is available from the Google Play app store. By affixing JiffyTags to various objects contextually relevant to a project—for example, notebooks, folders, or keys—users can activate the Jiffy app by tapping their NFC-enabled smartphones to tagged objects and tracking time in the project linked to each particular tag.

JiffyTags can also be shared among colleagues, making them suitable for mounting outside meeting rooms, or at an office entrance. The Jiffy key fobs and stickers are made with NXP Semiconductors’ NTAG203 RFID chip, Nordic Usability reports, and are designed to work with as many phones as possible, by using the widely accepted standard NTAG203.

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