Next Gen Wireless Speakers, Enabled by NXP's NTAG-I2C

NXP has released an update to the NTAG I2C—the NTAG I2C Plus—that is fully backward compatible (features, pin out, and packaging), while adding new, key features:

  • 32-bit password protection, like the NTAG 21x(F) family
  • NTAG 21x(F) family Originality signature—a simple, genuine authentication
  • I2C perspective access restrictions (full/read-only/none)
  • Fast Write command (full 64 kBytes SRAM at once)
  • Accelerated pass-through mode (up to 8 kBytes/s)
  • Harsh, industrial requirement temperature range (-40 to + 105 °C)
  • Wave soldering assembly process compatible package (SO8)

NXP provides information about the previous version of the chip and its associated design tools throughout this section of the website—marked “legacy”—for reference only.
For all new designs, NXP recommends using latest version.



Amongst the various choices in wireless connectivity options, only one — NFC — is specifically designed and engineered to maximize privacy, while providing zero power operation, and accomplishing both in a very cost effective manner.

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Special Features

NXP’s connected tags feature all the benefits of conventional NFC Forum Type 2 tags plus additional features that provide the critical link in connecting electronics to the wireless world, including energy harvesting and an I2C serial bus I/F

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About NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a shortrange, intuitive, wireless connectivity that enables simplified transactions, data exchange, pairing of wireless connections, and convenience between two objects in close proximity to one another.

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Visit the NTAG I2C Resources page to find antenna, hardware, and software design information, as well as links to helpful reference material (specifications, datasheets, etc.) to support design of your NFC connected electronic product.

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