RAIN RFID in smart city applications

The cities of tomorrow are growing smarter, and with long range RFID technology they’ll be smarter still.

UCODE DNA makes cities smarter, while still providing upmost security and privacy. The use cases for the secure, long range RFID technology are numerous.

Event management is made easier with RFID wristbands- visitors can easily register and their behavior tracked, runners can be located along the course, and controlling the access of people to the VIP tent is no problem.

Staff who need to access the convention centre have hands-free access, so they can carry as many t-shirts and medals as they can without needing to fumble for an ID.

Driving home from the race, citizens can experience a smoother ride due to UCODE DNA in their license plates. The city’s smart traffic lights adjust to the amount of traffic detected, and streamline the driving experience.

To do all of this smoothly, security and privacy are required. UCODE DNA brings the functionality of long range RFID technology to smart cities without compromising security or privacy.

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