RAIN RFID is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF RFID technology in a way similar to other wireless technology organizations including NFC Forum, WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG.

RAIN uses the GS1 UHF Gen2 protocol which ISO/IEC has standardized as 18000-63.

The word RAIN—an acronym derived from

RAdio Frequency IdentificatioN

— is intended as a nod to the link between UHF RFID and the cloud, where RFID-based data can be stored, managed and shared via the Internet.

A RAIN RFID solution uses a reader to read and write a tagged item, manage the data and take action.



Already 158 Members and still growing

The Rain alliance is already world’s largest UHF Industry alliance with members from various industries including NXP, Google, Amazon, Intel, Avery, FedEx, Storaensoetc., driving the UHF adoption in the Internet of Things.


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NXP’s role in RAIN

Ralf Kodritsch, Segment Manger Segment Manager RFID Solutions at NXP is currently Chairman of the board for RAIN RFID Alliance.

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