Road Tolling

UCODE DNA is a RFID breakthrough, combining cryptographic authentication with high-speed and long-distance reading. Toll collection systems that use this technology have overcome all obstacles, providing a fully efficient, reliable, secure and cost-effective way to collect tolls.

Moreover, UCODE DNA is a passive technology, which means it doesn’t use a battery. It draws power from the reader’s antenna, so drivers don’t have to worry about replacing or recharging a battery.

Changing to an Automatic Vehicle Identification system for toll payment, based on UCODE DNA, helps keep traffic flowing smoothly, since drivers don’t need to slow down to pass through a toll-collection point. There are fewer delays, and that means happier travellers. Also, drivers have the confidence of knowing that they’ll be charged the right amount, without compromising their personal information, since the system provides the same level of security as a contactless bank card or an electronic ID. Cryptography-based security minimizes errors and practically eliminates fraud. Vehicle owners (and fee collectors) can be confident that the right person is being billed, since UCODE DNA readings are both highly accurate and highly secure.

RFID based electronic toll collection system is an effective measure to reduce management costs and fees, at the same time, greatly reduce noise and pollutant emission of toll station.


  • Quick and easy payment method for road toll or combined systems
  • Cost efficient system solution
  • Possibility of prepaid and postpaid solutions
  • Free-flow operation (no need to stop and pay)
  • Security combined with long read range
  • End user privacy protection
  • With multiple form factors
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