Turn a car into an authentic credential

A corresponding RFID tag in the license plate secures it as a government-issued document, and protects them from forgery and duplication.

RFID readers could also determine which vehicles had a stolen license plate- as it would not match up to the RFID windshield sticker.

Not only does equipping a car with a UCODE DNA prevent license plate and registration theft, but it opens new doors for commercial applications. Whether the chip is in the windshield sticker or the license plate, the UCODE DNA can communicate with RFID Transponders for petty cash transactions, essentially turning the car into a mini-credit card.

Drive-through lanes will be streamlined by reading the RFID chip, creating more customer intimacy and loyalty programs while reducing the need to search for a wallet.

Getting gas would also be easier and more secure- as your purse can stay locked away in the card while you get out to pump the gas.
UCODE DNA provides a more secure and easier way to drive into the future.

UCODE DNA leaflet
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