NXP RFID technology makes its way into a wide variety of applications, from apparel to tablets, and animals to wines. These videos show how NXP technology not only solves challenges currently facing industries, but also creates new markets.

Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI)

Intelligent Traffic Light

RAIN RFID for Baggage Tags

RFID License Plate in Action

NFC TagWriter App by NXP

NFC connects everyday products to the IoT

Next Gen Wireless Speakers use NTAG I2C

NXP & EnOcean: Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch at CES 2014

Gerry Weber

Retail Apparel Solutions by NXP/Motorola

Protect Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with NXP RFID

Interactive RFID in Electronics with bidirectional connected tags

NFC is everywhere

NTAG I2C Demo at Embedded World 2014

NFC Washing Machine

Adidas NFC Demo at CES 2014

Consumer Convenience & Brand Protection

NFC connectivity for brands & retailers


NTAG I2C Washing Machine and Thermostat Demo CES 2014

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